Friday, January 19, 2018

A Redhead and a Pixie

I was looking through photos on my overloaded phone and found this BRAVE girl and a pretty little mermaid.
It was a while ago (years, actually) and one day while cleaning up the dress up stuff at Kelli's I tried on the wig.  Hmmm. NOT a redhead. 

One reason I scroll through all my photos is because I want to see flowers.  It's very brown around here and I am already flower-hungry.  Argh!  It's only January!

So, those flower photos are for you just in case you are feeling flower-hungry today.

I started this sweater 30 or so years ago for our Kelli and now it is finally finished for her youngest Millie Rose.  That took a while, didn't it?  

Tim loves my fluffy robe (dressing gown for those of you across the sea).  Look at that bliss.  He's peaceful. 
 I was in Denver (we live in the burbs) the other day and I gave this pixie a ride home. 

 I found a doll bed at an antique shop (50% off!) and it's perfect for Miss Bug's baby doll.  Her birthday is on Groundhog Day by the way.  Anyway, I am going to cozy it up with pillows and quilts. 
 The pixie wants to live here.  I named her Butterhorn because she's from Denmark (you know, she's Danish).  The grands think she's a little ridiculous looking, but I don't.  
 Tim is not impressed.  He ignores her completely.  It makes sense because he is always pleased when the grandkids go home.  He is spoiled and doesn't want to share his humans with others. We do love pampering him.  He's the perfect pet.

It's sunny and warm today, but on Sunday it will be very cold and 3-7 inches of snow will come our way.  More coziness.
I had better go out and walk around the neighborhood.  Maybe I'll go down to the open space where it isn't so sidewalk-y.
I hope you are having a happy day and that you enjoy your weekend.
Thank you very much for stopping in to check on me.  (xoxoxo)