Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Shelves, a Selfie, Socks, and Flowers

 I've been tidying up book nooks in my office.  Wouldn't you love to sit a while with a few of these?  Brambly Hedge especially, I bet.
Below is the "devotion" shelf.
 Every now and then I must insert a selfie.
 My neighbor shared some sea lavender again.  Isn't it delicate?
 Pickles in waiting . . .  argh.
 I haven't decided where to PUT all the pickles.  Many are refrigerator pickles, pigging a good bit of space in the ice box.
 The sock knitting bug has bitten.

I've been adding to my Rule of Life board.
 One day the children and the grandchildren (well, just Birdie) were making comments about my wall pictures.  "That looks like you've had it forever."  "Why do you have pictures of snow scenes when it's high summer?"  Hmmmm.  I guess I had become "what's in the frames" blind.  I printed art from my Pinterest boards and placed them in the frames.  Yes, I am a real art snob.  Yes, indeed.  I don't know ANYTHING about art.  I just know what images I like.  So there.

 I know I've said this before but when I move my laptop to the table in the living room, I blog more.  So, I'm planning on blogging more because . . . it's fun.
 The sunflowers are as high as an elephant's eye.

 "Pick me!  Pick me!"
I have lots of marigolds again.  They like it here.  My neighbor told me that she read somewhere that the Japanese beetles like them, too.  Yikes.  I know they liked eating my roses.

Today I have book club.  I'm not very excited about going.  The hostess is having her road paved so we have to park and walk (whine, whine, whine) AND I didn't like the book they chose because I'd already read it and didn't really like it then so I did not reread it.  Oh well.  I'll still go because the ladies are fun to listen to and I don't want to be a flake.  I'm taking my knitting.

I should hurry up and shower, go to the grocery store, get the office mail, do my work BEFORE I go to book club, but I often refuse to hurry. Do you?
Thank you for stopping in today.  I'm glad you stop in regularly.  You're nice.