Sunday, March 19, 2017


 I found the bunny ears I bought for myself last spring and I've been trying them on different grands. 

Our Jenny took her family to the alpaca show in Denver this weekend.  It was free and she loves animals.  

 I didn't go but I received a treat!  Warm alpaca socks coming right up in a few months!  

Meanwhile I keep working on the big Stephen West design.  It is fun and exciting, but it takes up a lot of space on my lap.  Somebody else does, too!  

Here is Plum's Super Girl.  I think she exercises regularly, don't you?
 The views out the (dirty) windows are glorious this time of year.  We have the kind of windows you can take out of the frames and wash, but have I washed them?  No.  I fear getting them back in but they are so dirty that I can hardly stand it.  One day I will risk it and make them shine.  One day. 

 I've been knitting outside.  
 My leg is actually fatter than it appears in this photo, but it IS pretty amazing that it is MARCH and the temps are so warm.  Thankful. 
 Oh!  Here's the knitting mascot again!  

 Oh, and even a little MORE comfy.  
 Plum comes to visit on Thursdays.  She enjoyed a junk food lunch out on the beat up picnic table.  

Tim is a super napper.  We have not trained him to run and jump and carry out crazy capers.  He follows our lead.  Yes, I guess we're lazy nappers!  

Here I am after walking down to church this morning.  Bill and I have been enjoying the church at the bottom of the hill.  Anyway, during church my sister was messaging me, asking about a dress she just bought and was wearing to church.  Is it too artsy/smock-like? she asked.   I told her I liked it (it is very cute and looked so pretty on her) and that I was wearing a denim dress-ish thing, too. I told her I'd send her a photo so I'm sharing it with you. Sisters think alike.  Sorry for my squinty eyes and reluctant smile.  The sweater I have on is very old.  I ordered it from LLBean a long time ago.  One of my eighth grade students LOVED it and wanted one for herself which I thought was funny since it seemed kind of like a bright granny thing to me.  It has crabs and lobsters printed on its pinkness.  That's why I like it even though it's a bit too small.
I'm wearing one of Heather's posies as is my custom! 

I have a very ordinary week planned.  I always have plenty to do since I dabble in a little bit of everything.  I've been reading a chronological version of the Bible.  I try to stay a day or two ahead.  The Holy Spirit is shedding new light on the old stories and I'm very grateful.  Remember my Rule of Life?  As I get older, I don't want to be weighed down by so many irrelevant possessions.  Do you think your possessions weigh you down?  If I aim to fear God and know Him intimately, what am I doing with a bunch of books that don't point me in His direction?  I'm thinking on this because I have too many books.
I am not motivated to purge our house so that it will look nicer or cleaner.  I am motivated to remove distractions.  I have a lot of distractions. 

Thank you for popping in to say hello.