Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Whatcha Up To?

Hi everyone!  I was just wondering what you are up to.  Hmmmmmm?

 I tagged along last Thursday and Bill and I had lunch with our good Brad. Aw!  I love his face.  We're ALL going to be together for Thanksgiving.  I'm so thankful!  All of the grands and all of us!  21 peeps!  We're eating at Jenny's so no turkey roasting for Granny this year! 
 The next day these two and I had a coffee break at a bakery.

On Saturday Bill took Superman to the park!  Isn't he growing up?  Noah stayed at our house and snooooooooozed.
Here's the cozy little napper.  I really must peel off that old wallpaper border and maybe figure out a better storage solution for all the knitting projects. 
 November has NOT been gray!  It's been red and orange and downright glowing!  Yay!

 Before I start sewing "outfits" I wanted to make a pillow for our bed.  I am not very practiced at piecing/quilting but it turned out okay!

 After I made the bed and arranged the new pillow I had to lie on the bed for a minute.  Tim joined me. 

 Lizzy wanted to fix things when she visited today. 
 I finished a shawl!  I didn't follow the pattern because it had a big leaf/lace section that seemed overly fussy to me.  I was getting bored so I added in some colors which may have been a mistake.  I like it anyway and I also made a few boo boos like forgetting to increase on the wrong side for quite a long ways.  It's forgiving and it's soft so I'm happy!
 I ordered some new clogs from the discount house and they are sort of "fairy princess-ish" aren't they?  
 These cutie pies are on a cruise out of Florida.  I miss them and I'm glad they'll be back soon. Isn't Miss Bug making a funny face?

Here's a nature journal page from Granny Marigold
Here's an autumn post from MK
Here is a lovely page of painting from Gumbo Lily
Marcie took a trip out to California so she is catching up.
I can't believe Thanksgiving is so soon.  I shall bake pretty pies and also make that Nila wafer/banana dessert for the first time ever!
It's getting dusky outside so I'm off for a short walk.
Thank you for stopping in!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Sewing Moved and Nature Journals

 Timothy loves to lay around.  This is the landing upstairs.  I picked the floor out about twenty years ago and even though it isn't cool or groovy anymore, I still like it.  Bill and I walked by a cute little house in our neighborhood (a ranch style house) and then we came home and looked up the price.  YIKES!  It's a fortune!  No wonder it isn't selling.  You know how it goes.  Someone buys it, fixes it up all shiny and "up to date" and then tries to sell it for a huge amount of money.  We thought it would be a lot less than our house, but not so much. Oh well.  I think we shall stay in this house until we are VERY old.  Yay! 
 When the friend was going to come for lunch last week I bought two little pots of mums.  They look so cute in the basket that used to hold all my junk in the bathroom.  It still has toothpaste marks on it.  
 Guess what?  I finally moved my sewing!  I had fun putting up old Susan Branch calendar pages!
 Here's another wonky floor.  The young wife who lived in this house just before us was a hair dresser.  She operated out of her home and this square in the basement was where she had her sink and all the other hairdresser-ish stuff.  I didn't want to be dropping pins on the carpet, so it's just right for my sewing (I have not actually sewn down there yet).  I am waiting for the mood to strike and then I shall sew like a whirlwind because the patterns are easy peasy and I'm actually a pretty good seamstress. Just saying. 

 I wonder if the pansies will survive the next snow . . . 
 Here's my old red tablecloth.  I have had it for absolutely AGES.  
 It's perfect for girlie girls like the adorable sweetie pies pictured below. 
 This morning I drew some birds in my nature journal.  MK made me laugh when she said in an email, "How many leaves and pumpkins can one paint?"  TRUE!  I thought you might like to see my eraser.  It smells so school-y.

 This morning I was sitting in my study/office that is more spacious now that the sewing is gone but it still needs some sorting.  I had this nice warm rice bag on my lap and I thought it looked pretty next to my nightie.  I've decided that flannel nightgowns are a good thing and I'm going to sew some flannel pajamas and nighties because there are such cute flannel prints at the fabric store.

Here are some nature journal posts:
Gumbo Lily
Granny Marigold
Heather at Blackberry Rambles (her drawing of breakfast while camping is fantastic)

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Halloween Plan B and Lunch

 Because we have not turned the clocks back yet, Halloween night was very pretty!  Millie Rose barfed so Kelli's gang didn't come over.  James and Noah went around their own neighborhood like Jenny's gang, so it was just us.  We grilled steaks and watched Frasier.  It was a nice night (we missed our own family trick or treaters though).  We had tiny little door bell ringers and it was fun giving them lots of candy.  We had a cute storm trooper and a tiny Yoda.  We had a little fawn with her hunter brother (I thought that was a little weird but the little deer was darling).  

 My friend who was going to come over for lunch today has a fever so she can't come, but I'll tell you what we were going to have and you can tell me if you think it sounds tasty.  
spinach and red peppers with yummy vinaigrette
baked sweet potato with LOTS of butter
roasted tomato red pepper soup
key lime cake with raspberry sorbet
Would YOU like to come? 

I am forcing myself to go for walks because (don't hate me) I really don't like exercise that is "just" exercise.  I like to have a mission.  
I am waiting for one of those days when I feel like Wonder Woman so I can get my sewing moved, but so far I feel more like Mrs. Piggle Wiggle or maybe more like Amelia Bedelia.  
Thank you for popping by.  I hope your November is nice and that you are feeling a bit of that lovely Christmas feeling perking up in your creative soul.  I am.

Monday, October 30, 2017

A Few Fall Scenes and Nature Journal Posts

 Hello to you!  I've been away a while because I haven't been nature journaling which is the very reason I don't usually do theme-y posts.  It sort of freezes my brain when I feel that kind of responsibility.  So silly.  I will definitely link to my sweet and talented friends who have produced amazing posts.  
Our Jenny went to Disneyland (with her sweet hubby) for her golden birthday (she turned 29 on the 29th).  I stayed with the girls.  It was fun the first day but the second day brought barfing.  Oh no!  Yes, poor babies.  Isn't Lizzy funny as she body slams Amelia?  Amelia is very tough. 
This one's life is much easier.  He always has access to a lap or a soft spot to snooze.  He never gets squished. 
 Kelli's Halloween costume is so amazing!  Have you seen Hocus Pocus?  Pretty good lookalike, I say!  
 I've been dabbling in this book again.  So delicious.  
 I walked down to the post box and the bank today.  Cold.  Today it is 30 degrees but by Wednesday it will be 70 again.  Weird.  
 So, this is the closest I will get to being nature-y today.  

Here are a few nature journal posts:
MK and another MK
Marcie (I'm not sure if I already featured this post but it's LOVELY)
Heather (she's always doing cool things with her kids!)
Granny Marigold (her autumn photos are golden)
I can't believe it's almost November.  October went fast for me. 
I've been knitting and getting my sewing corner ready so I can start making my own clothes.  
I have been looking through my cross stitch stash and arranging wool for a mixed color cardigan.  
I hope you feel ready for November and I hope you have some creative plans.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Warm Golden Days and Nature Journals

Hello October people!  We had that snow day and our power was out for 24 hours.  We were cold and really I didn't know what to do with myself but sit by the window with Tim and knit.  We did go to Jeff and Christie's for two meals and phone charges. So thankful. 

James and Noah are enjoying fall!  The temps have been perfect!  Warm and bright!

 Christie took the cute pictures of the little darlings.  

When it was so cold (for one day) I wore my Norwegian sweater and it really kept me very warm.  
 I wore my mitts that Danette from Front Porch Knits made!  I love them again this year. 
 Little cuddle bug thinks the nighttime temperatures are conducive to under-the-covers snuggles.  
 Last week little Plum Cake and I had a coffee break (fika) at Kneader's. 

 Noah is officially a member of the ice cream cone club. 

As you can see our weather is funny.  James like to go shirtless (Incredible Hulk) and it has been warm enough to do so. 

 I wish this book wasn't so heavy because I really want to read it in bed.  
 I'm trying for a finish by Friday, but I don't think I'll make it.  I was bored with the color of this shawl so I spiced it up a bit, maybe too much.  

I decided I should use the bunny dishes.  Aren't they cute?

As you can see, the flowers are gone.  Sadness. 

 On Monday I met a friend at the Jesuit retreat center.  Gorgeous. 

 I rearranged the living room.  You know how that is?  You shove things around and find lots of dust bunnies and then the baseboards need a clean . . . 
 This one is a little perturbed that furniture isn't where it was before but it does give him a better view of the birds at the bird feeder.  Well, at least he has a softer seat. 
 I finally got in to the hairdresser and got my stringy hair cut.  Sorry, I cannot help myself and always make goofy faces. 

 Another cute photo from Christie. LOOK!  Shoes! 

So finally . . . my nature journal.  I do not know what I have been busy doing (besides knitting) but I haven't had a lot of "I wonder what I should do now" time lately.  

 Maybe I've just been looking out the window like Tim. 

 Here are a few little excerpts from this helpful book.  It's extensive and I think I should attend to it a little bit more.  

Here are some links to the nature journal bloggers:
Annie at Nana Go Go (she's not nature journaling but she is thinking about autumn and features an adorable Jane Austen knitting book!)
I have not started sewing because I was waiting for my tissue to make my own pattern.  It came!  Soon, the sewing adventures!
Take care, glowing person, and thank you very much for popping in and viewing SO many photos!